A Phenomenological Study on Leadership Capabilities and Opportunities of Female Tertiary Students in a Male-Dominated Discipline

  • Myrna M. Campomanes
  • Meslle R. Reguyal
  • Jezamine R. De Leon


Women experience challenges in demonstrating their leadership capabilities and opportunities due to societal and stereotype-driven expectations and views. Thus, this study was conducted in support of promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality. Descriptive research design using interpretative phenomenological qualitative methodology was employed. The participants were tertiary students from a male-dominated discipline composed of eight (8) females and six (6) males. They were carefully selected using the purposive sampling technique. Focus group discussions were conducted separately between the two groups to gather the data. The results were examined through thematic analysis and validated by literature. Findings revealed that the female tertiary students could handle significant leadership positions in a male-dominated discipline as they considered themselves not just ordinary women leaders. Participants viewed female tertiary students as highly responsible, refined in doing tasks, courageous, and not easily surrendering to their responsibilities. Further, participants believed female tertiary students are equally given leadership opportunities. However, despite these, participants acknowledged that female tertiary students tend to limit and restrict themselves to taking significant leadership positions and that male tertiary students are still more suitable for handling multiple leadership functions. An important factor that led to these findings is the role of Filipino patriarchal values. Finally, this study’s overall results and implications may serve as a basis to formulate policies, programs, and guidelines to ensure that women’s leadership capabilities are enhanced and provided with leadership opportunities in a male-dominated environment.

Keywords: leadership capabilities, leadership opportunities, female tertiary students, gender and development, male-dominated discipline/field of study

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CAMPOMANES, Myrna M.; REGUYAL, Meslle R.; LEON, Jezamine R. De. A Phenomenological Study on Leadership Capabilities and Opportunities of Female Tertiary Students in a Male-Dominated Discipline. 8ISC Proceedings: Social Sciences, [S.l.], p. 71-81, feb. 2022. Available at: <https://ejournal.unklab.ac.id/index.php/8ISCSS/article/view/677>. Date accessed: 28 feb. 2024.