• Edwin Melky Lumingkewas Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Klabat, Manado, Indonesia


Conflict is something that is integral to humanity. Everybody are facing conflict. Conflict is defined as a social interaction when two or more person or group have a similar desire which is short in supply. There are several types of conflict.  Those types can be include in intra-personal, interpersonal, intra group, and intergroup conflict.  There are five level of conflict.  First, when two person have different perspective, but understand other position and do not have feeling of discomfort. Second is misunderstanding, it is when two person have uncommon understanding about certain situation. Third is when two person see a situation differently and each party feel discomfort at the other. Forth is discord, at this level conflict has reached level where relationship between parties has damaged. And the last is polarization, there is severe negative emotions and behavior with no hope for reconciliation among parties.

Keywords: Conflict Resolution, Family.



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