Recovering Sight to the Blind in Luke 14:18. 19

  • Clarry Paul Tangkudung Philosophy Faculty Universitas Klabat


One of the tasks of the Messiah is to recover the blindness of human being.  Blindness is an important topic in the New Testament.  The act of recovering sight to the blind is the act of Messiah fulfilled by Jesus in his ministry.  This important task is prophesied in the Old Testament.  This prophecy is found in Isaiah 61: 1, 2.  The role of Jesus as Messiah is to recover the sight to the blind, to bring justice, and to give people righteousness.  Throughout the New Testament mentions the role of Jesus to recover the blindness.  The uniqueness of the word ‘blindness’ is that it is mentions together with the word ‘poor.’ Clear message is given to the people in the New Testament that Jesus given the power of the Holy Spirit to do these wonderful things.  There is strong connection of the ministry of Jesus to recover the sight to the blind and Sabbath.  

Keywords:  Blindness; Messiah; Ministry; Sabbath


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