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Politics is taking place into pastoral leadership. This practice has its chance to be practiced because of cultural background. However, it brings contention among pastors and affect the mission of the church. Ellen G. White as one of the founder of SDA church paid attention to the practice of politics in the church. For SDA church members politics is restricted because it brings evil effects unto physical, mental and spiritual life. They need to avoid politics in order to develop true God’s character. It can also create division among church members. And the most important is if Christians cling into it, God would not acknowledge them as His people. For pastors and teachers, their role is to form the mindset of church members. This role prohibits them to politics.  They will not bring unity in the church when they involve politics in their discourses. Even in more firm statement Ellen White ask them to be disqualified from work which paid by tithe. While He was on the earth, Jesus never practice politics. So every Christian need to be away from politics.


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